Things to Do in Fox Glacier

Spending an amazing holiday every year is very important for all of us. There is no better way of reliving stress and recharging our batteries than by discovering new places where fun seems to be at home. Our recommendation today is Fox Glacier. You must include it on your list of places to visit. It has a lot to offer to worldwide tourists, so let’s discover more about it below.

A Historic Location for Your Next Travel

Fox glacierFox Glacier is an area named after Sir William Fix, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1869-1872. Its name actually describes both the glacier and the nearby village. You can visit both upon your arrival in the area and you will immediately feel relaxed and eager to discover more.

The glacier descends from the amazing Southern Alps reaching the warm rainforest temperature just 300 m above the sea level. In order to get to the glacier or see it you need to walk to the terminal face and engage in an ice-hiking adventure from there on. In case this is not on your to-do-list for this vacation, you may want to choose the sightseeing flight adventure to discover the world of ice in its perfect form.

What Can You Do in Fox Glacier

Fox glacier new zealandOnce you have arrived in the glacier area, you shall be welcomed by flow worm caves ready to reveal their hidden treasures to you. We recommend you to engage in short walks from the center of the town as well. Moreover, this will offer you a great chance to enjoy a nice experience in local restaurants and cafes.

Close to this region, you should discover Lake Matheson. It is one of the most appreciated ones in New Zealand. Do not forget to make photographs from the location. Make sure you have a lot to share with friends this way upon your return home. If you are lucky enough to get there on a clear shinny day, you will see how perfectly it reflects Mount Cook. It will be the type of experience that can never be forgotten.

Get ready to discover find a great range of options to consider there in terms of accommodation. Shops are easy to find. In case you have eateries well written on your wish list as well, you should know that they are there to bring new surprises for you on the road.

For those tourists who feel more adventurous this year, there are other great activities to consider at Fox Glacier. You should engage in skydiving or an amazing climbing adventure. Fox it up this year and gain treasurable new memories from your travel. Furthermore, you can also surprise yourself with a helicopter travelling experience this year. No limits for you during this travel! Choose to do anything you want there and do not forget to visit good taste when it comes to merchandise. Enjoy your Fox experience!

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